Friday, June 28, 2013

Nintendoland- Seriously Gimmicky or Perfect Show

     Nintendoland obviously is some sort of gimmick. We all know that, but gimmicks can be fun too. I'm not sure whether it's my faulty nunchucks, pitiful motion plus, or just that the game wasn't that great, but something ruined Nintendoland, and even though she wasn't exactly a blast, Monita wasn't the problem.
     I started the Wii U off with just Scribblenauts, but something told me that it wasn't enough. The kraken being eaten by a hungry mutant bunny wasn't enough. So, with my remaining Christmas money, I bought Nintendoland. I knew that this game's fun would be limited as soon as I saw,"Nunchuck required for some games" NOOOOOOO!!! You see, I have an issue with our nunchucks, as they are so awful they might make your character run backwards. With motion plus, it gets even worse. I can't say how badly I wished I hadn't bought it when I found out the metroid game required both. Metroid is my favorite. Too bad the ship is my only option... >:(  So, when I decided to start with Luigi's Mansion, I took in a breath of fresh air. It's  miracle. All the versus games were fantastic, all my siblings loved it. But we couldn't play Metroid or Zelda... sigh...
     After about two days, I went back to Scribblenauts. I didn't miss a thing. The game has limited appeal, and once you're done saying, "hey, I'm wearing a toad hat", you start saying, "*@#*!&%$ nunchuck!" like I did, or, " Meh...". It's a gimmick. It did the best it could, but you can't expect any more than a slow shake of the head and a slap in the face when you're done.


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