Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hyrule Warriors Brings the Big Baddies

     Alright, the Nintendo Wii U game Hyrule warriors, a LoZ spin-off with a  Dynasty Warriors engine coming in September, got a Nintendo Direct on Monday kind of just going over the game, but the number of playable characters have increased; Ganondorf, Zant, and GHIRAHIM have joined the battle! As you can tell from the all caps and bold on Ghirahim, I'm a huge fan of his. Personally, I think that Skyward Sword is the best Zelda game( and the fact that this character not only had his debut in it, but that he caught Link's sword in between two fingers, then shortly after, got bored of fighting him and left, makes him one of the, if not the, coolest Zelda villain. I mean, I like Ganondorf and all, but he's a clone in smash, so may as well replace him with a newer character.
     Anyways, so this game looks fantastic right now, but I have to admit I've never played Dynasty Warriors. In fact, I had no idea what it was prior to this game's announcement. What I do know is it must be worth something, considering Nintendo is going full throttle on this game. They even allowed the creation of new characters for the series(though I don't think that really matters in a spin off and Lana seems a little bit like she belongs in Sailor Moon with those big eyes of hers). Now,  I'm going to put down a list of the characters so everyone is up to speed. I'll update if it changes.

Link: So far looks like the basic middleweight class character. He has a sword, how much more basic can you get?
Alternate Weapons(if any):Magic Rod, Gauntlet
Zelda: The damsel in distress in most circumstances is here in her (pretty ugly) blonde form. She seems lighter than Link, but lower defense makes that OK.
Alternate Weapons:Wind Baton
Impa: Guardian of the princess, Impa is incredibly capable of wrecking masses of enemies in order for other weaker characters to get through. She probably is a medium-heavy character.
Alternate Weapons:Naginata
Sheik: Alternate female form for Zelda, the female character(can't stress the female thing enough), Sheik appears with her signature harp. She's probably a glass cannon, being a ninja and all. She is also clearly the fastest character.
Lana: New to the series, she is a white witch and rival of the other original character, the black witch Cia. She uses a tome and is most likely ranged and poor in defense.
Alternate Weapons:Spear, Summoning Gate
Midna: The Twilight Princess(I think, never played the game, just tried to understand the plot), Midna rides on a wolf that look a lot like Wolf Link. She seems strong and fast, I don't see any weaknesses.
Fi: The Goddess sword herself, Fi is a dancer on the battlefield, using her swiftness most likely to distract enemies or pick them off slowly. She's fast, but not as fast as Sheik.
Princess Ruto: A Zora Princess, Ruto is relatively fast, but her attacks don't seem to be for damage as much as keeping enemies somewhere away from her comrades, using vortexes and projectiles to attract irritated opponents. She uses the Zora Scale, I guess that's what lets her manipulate water.
Darunia: A goron with a massive hammer, Darunia just screams tank. He does massive amounts of damage, has stellar defenses, but doesn't move very fast at all.
Agitha: The self-claimed princess of bugs, Agitha is an aerial attacker, striking enemies with whirlwinds and her giant butterflies. She's probable middleweight class with high attack power.
Zant: The Usurper King,  Zant has recently been announced, so not much has been shown about him.
Ghirahim: The follower of Demise, Ghirahim has recently been announced, so not much has been shown.
Ganondorf: The prince of darkness, Ganondorf is the only one with a real trailer of the three that were announced. He's a heavyweight character, but not as heavy as Darunia. He uses two swords, which doesn't look that cool now, but hopefully at some point, Ganondorf will receive a new weapon like his magic.