Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Polishing Just Isn't Good Enough

     "Hey, did you guys hear? Another Zelda, a remake of Ocarina of Time, but in 3D! Oh, the nostalgia! Oh, they made a Wii U HD Wind Waker! Neat, I can do what I did on the first one, but I'll have my trusty gamepad and my boat will go faster! Oh, hey, there's now a Kirby Collection, all the same games, just prettier! I could totally buy that even though I already have all those games!",says NO ONE.
Just... one more... sequel..ugh
     Look, I'm all for HD, though I've never actually noticed the graphical difference. 3D is cool and all, but why can't we make something new? I mean, there are more Final Fantasies than I have fingers and toes. Mario has gone on for more than 2 decades. I love Sonic, but he's dead now. Seriously, who waited for Lost Worlds? And how many were severely devastated? Everyone was, that is, the small fan base who still had faith in Sega. You can't just expect your games to magically get better. When they're done, they're done.Respect the dead, physically and metaphorically.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why Side Characters Are Superior

     I'm back, and after a very, very, VERY long absence. I have gotten multiple games to review, but first I plan to pour hardcore opinion all over this site. Lots of it. And how am I going to start it? With Yoshi, a widespread view of character casts, and a short article.
     OK, I dunno' about you, but I'm not a huge fan of Mario. Not the series, the character. It just bothers me that Mario is the main character because frankly, he creeps me out. Many main characters are my least favorite. I like Falco, Yoshi, Knuckles, and even Zelda, and I don't just mean because she rocks in SSB, and if you think that's because they're all similar in personality, then you obviously aren't someone who belongs on this site. I know few people who pick main characters to play as, because the likable ones for some reason aren't important. I'm not upset by this, though I would appreciate it if they had more part in the games.
But why? Why do we like them so much? Answer: Because they are so much more interesting. Cliche seems to strike only the most important characters. Fox lost his father. I totally haven't heard that one a billion times(cough,Naruto, Tony Stark,cough). Gee, a damsel in distress? That's used twice by the same company! Samus may be the only truly original main character made by Nintendo, and even she has an abandoned at birth-esque story. If originality could just find its way to the next generation of game stars, then we won't have this problem... but that means the characters I've already mentioned will be overshadowed. That's inevitable. There's nothing we can do about this issue except watch.