Friday, June 27, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Nintendo Characters

     Alright, I made a top ten worst, now I'm making a top ten best. These are my personal favorites.
I don't know why I like him so much. I just do. His flaunty attitude, his lanky stature, his awesome voice, his fitting stache, everything is better than Wario, his disgusting, irritating, far uglier counterpart.
He deserves his own game or at least a supporting role in one of his brother's game. I'm tired of just using him for soccer and baseball.

OK, I like Pit because of the dialogue he has in his game, not because of SSB. If I didn't own Uprising, he'd be in top 10 worst because of SSB. He was so cheap. However, his talks with his entertaining leader Palutena are humorous, but manage to be informative and relevant as well. He's charming, fun, and good at his job of defending the innocent. He's a fantastic protagonist. 

I like Bianca because she's not a snob like Cheren or silent like your player, she's bubbly and has an interesting issue you've never encountered in Pokemon. Her father doesn't want her to leave, unlike your zombie mother, who gives you shoes and sends you on your dangerous, merry way. He cares about her. She decides to convince him her path is the right path by showing her determination and even though her Pokemon aren't as strong as Cheren's, she got this far by going against what she was taught, which took more guts than any other character in the franchise.

Pure cuteness got him this far. Seriously, the only thing that could make him any cuter was if he had a costume that resembled a Yoshi with cat ears. Not only that, but he's also smart. Who else
 could solve those puzzles so well.

Dillon is boss. So very boss. He has horrible choices of partners, he found a couple in a bar and one of them is an annoying squirrel or chipmunk, but he's a very cool protagonist. His abilities are fun and his control scheme is fantastic. He has a cool design and a good fighting style, his game is stellar. There isn't many things you can say negatively about someone who doesn't talk.
Zelda is gorgeous. She's intelligent, confident, a good leader, and a great fighter according to SSB. Don't know why she can't fight Gannondorf(who can't fight worth dirt in smash) by herself since she's clearly capable, especially in the form of Sheik. She shouldn't need Link's help. 
4.Star Wolf(He can't let you do that)
So boss. So very boss. His boss power is too much for Star Fox. It's too much for Falco. Too much for Krystal or Peppy. So boss Slippy couldn't handle it, he died and came back to life to watch to see if maybe he could become that boss (he can't). Star Wolf is too much for you too. Scroll before your eyes burn from the boss-ness that is Star Wolf.

The character superior to Pit in every way, she deserved her spot in SSB Wii U more than Pit did. Being humorous, smart, strategic, powerful, and a goddess all at the same time, she is a fantastic character to listen to, rather it's an order or a knock on Pit's inferiority. Palutena's design is also fantastic and her mark at three is well deserved.

2.Samus Aran
Samus is the most sexual character Nintendo's ever created. She's also the best femme fatale out there. Her silence alone makes nerds across the globe fall head over heels for her. The woman has a mecha suit with an arm cannon, fights aliens without flinching, and, when necessary, strips down to her basically second skin (seriously, if that blue thing is zero suit, they're basically saying it's nude). She fights with or without this amazing suit and doesn't need anyone's help to rock the Metroid universe. 

I love, LOVE, LOVE Yoshi! Yoshi is the adorable protagonist of my favorite video game of ALL TIME, Yoshi's Island for SNES and GBA. He's cute, fun, useful, pastel, fast, and trumps Epona in every way as the best rideable creature or object ever. Screw cars, this thing can eat anything! Annoying children, traffic, train crossings, not a problem with Yoshi! Sounds like an infomercial :^ Anyway, the best Nintendo character belongs to the most popular Nintendo franchise and it shouldn't surprise anyone he landed the top spot.

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