Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pokemon X and Y are very different from the other Pokemon games

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are amazing games, except, how do they stand out from the rest? Well, I am about to tell you. Please enjoy reading my light-hearted top 5 reasons Pokemon X and Y stands out from red, blue, green, ruby, sapphire, whatever. Here we go!

5) Discover MORE pokemon!

4) You know how in the past pokemon games you could only connect your DS to wi-fi connections with certain security settings? Not the case in the Kalos region!

3) 3D!

2) The Pokemon league is more awesome than EVER!

1) Now you can show to your Gameboy/DS friends that you have legendary pokemon that they can't catch. So you can get your friends that brag about their legendary pokemon to shut up.

Well, there you have it! The top 5 reasons how Pokemon X and Y will change the way you play pokemon forever! Thanks for reading! - Vinny

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nintendo releases Nintendo 2DS for two reasons

The Nintendo releases another piece of hardware in the Nintendo 3DS  family. Hint: It doesn't have 3D.

I apologize how void "2DS" sounds. The trailer for the Nintendo 2DS on Nintendo's YouTube channel got so many dislike and hater comments. Enough talking about a YouTube video though. Let's talk about the 2DS. Click here to see video.

The Nintendo 2DS might sound exactly how it sounds - A DS in 2D. It's true. The Nintendo 2DS acts exactly as a 3DS with no 3D. After figuring out its release date(October 12), I can think of two big reasons why the 2DS was created.

1) No 3D. If there is no 3D capability, that will allow more sales for kids 6 and under. Now, you can tell me that you can set parental controls to restrict the 3D, but the Nintendo 2DS is starting at $130 MSRP. The lower price will encourage this hardware as a gift to kids. $70 less than my 3DS is quite a deal.

2) Pokemon X and Y. You can't say that this will not be a big hit. It's Pokemon! So many kids of many ages will be playing this game no do doubt about it. The Nintendo 2DS will increase the sales of Pokemon X and Y by even more. It is safe to assume that a 2DS and Pokemon X or Y bundle will be created. Or with the 3DS as well.

Now, I am going to prove that the Nintendo 2DS is real. Click here. I am not a fraud. - Vinny