Saturday, June 29, 2013

We Like Ike!

     This is not a review. This is more of a protest. I have searched the web inside and out for SSB(super smash bros) information. What I found made me want to tackle Masahiro Sakurai. When he said Toon Link was a no-show, I wasn't angry. In fact, the removal of a clone in SSB makes anyone happy. Then he said the hideous new Mewtwo form might take Lucario's space. I was pretty irked by that, as I was hoping for Zoroark, and bringing in X and Y might cause Black and White to be ignored completely.  HOWEVER, when I found that that Chrom, the newest character in the Fire Emblem series, might replace Ike, I got seriously angry. Ike is one of my best characters, along with Zelda, Peach, Pikachu, Cap. Falcon and Ness. Ike replaced Roy, and I was OK with that, but Chrom has no magic. None. Nadda. Ike has a huge sword that he can hold with one hand, and it can burst into flames. I also don't like Chrom. He's too much like Marth.His game isn't that fun anyway, as I've never got too interested in Fire Emblem.
     Ike. Ike is awesome. Vote if you think Ike should stay.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance 3D- Just a Lot of Words or Entirely Worth Talking About

     I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan. I love it almost as much as I love chocolate, Naruto, and Pokemon. It doesn't necessarily make sense to me, or anyone else I know who enjoys the franchise, but the gameplay is what matters. Even if Mickey is on the cover, it's worth being made fun of.
     First of all, if you haven't played any other Kingdom Hearts games, then don't start with this one, for the sake of plot and also because I don't want your brain to burst into a billion pieces.
     Let me say that this game, for being portable, is drop-dead gorgeous, as Kingdom Hearts games must be at the standards of Disney Interactive and Ledgendary Developer/Publisher Square Enix. If you don't know what Square Enix is, then you should be one of those noobs who talks about how much he loves the company he can't name for making Mario. That's how amazing this company is.
     If platforming is what you want, you're in for a treat. Magic and blades, the ultimate nerdy package and the reason for the exsistance of Fire Emblem. It's a fun game, but even if the NPC's are perfect, and the commands are cool, if you get a t-rex to act like a puppy, or if the levels bring back pleasant memories from your childhood, there are some issues.
     It costs a lot of money to get dream eater ingredients, and some of the cool ones, like the sabretoothed tiger, are almost impossible. It's ridiculous how unfairly balanced Sora and Riku are, as Riku has more bosses and has more difficulty leveling up.When you can't kill young Xeanort, cry me a river. I can't do squat to 'em either.
     In all, this game is totally and unfairly difficult, but I can't say how much fun it was getting to my breaking point.Though I haven't met a single person who has gotten past where I am, it's OK. It's not exactly possible...

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed- At the Finish or Gone Flat

     This is a great game, no doubt about it. It takes forever to get the character you want though, being that if you aren't a fan of Sonic, Super Monkey Ball, or Jet Set Radio, you have a long way to go before you meet up with NiGHTS or Gilius Thunderhead. It's hard to the point of tears, and it's only easy with the gamepad. When you get into it though, it might just make you buy the older sibling of this game, even if it is really bad.
     I started with World Tour, immediately attatching myself to Meemee from Super Monkey Ball(though I wish they had Yanyan instead), and growing a hatred to the echidna known as Knuckles. Yes, I'm aware Meemee is a very girly character, but it's kinda' funny to annihilate my foes using a monkey wearing a skirt. I do the same thing with Peach and Zelda in SSBB, and Hinata in Naruto.
     I never thought there was any item set more creative than Mario Kart, but with a blowfish, an RC car, and fireworks at your disposal, I was proven wrong. It was irritating to have locks in your way which required you to do better in some events,they were sometimes discouraging, but always worth it. Finding Shadow in an area you got yourself has never been so redeeming.
     However, I found that while it's fun to do some things, multiple mechanics, like drifting and tricks, are relied on too heavily, and I can't say how hard it is for people to get used to it, especially while in flight. The
graphics are good in some places, and poor in others, and some faces look like they've been blurred out.
     You can't say this is a bad game, because you'd be wrong, but I miss the older Sega characters, like Opa Opa, the Mobo Brothers, or the ridiculously strange and fun, but forgotten Billy Hatcher. Sega needs to dig deeper, because they can give more, but DLC's are on the way, so who knows? Maybe the chicken boy will return to the track after a long day of rolling.

Nintendoland- Seriously Gimmicky or Perfect Show

     Nintendoland obviously is some sort of gimmick. We all know that, but gimmicks can be fun too. I'm not sure whether it's my faulty nunchucks, pitiful motion plus, or just that the game wasn't that great, but something ruined Nintendoland, and even though she wasn't exactly a blast, Monita wasn't the problem.
     I started the Wii U off with just Scribblenauts, but something told me that it wasn't enough. The kraken being eaten by a hungry mutant bunny wasn't enough. So, with my remaining Christmas money, I bought Nintendoland. I knew that this game's fun would be limited as soon as I saw,"Nunchuck required for some games" NOOOOOOO!!! You see, I have an issue with our nunchucks, as they are so awful they might make your character run backwards. With motion plus, it gets even worse. I can't say how badly I wished I hadn't bought it when I found out the metroid game required both. Metroid is my favorite. Too bad the ship is my only option... >:(  So, when I decided to start with Luigi's Mansion, I took in a breath of fresh air. It's  miracle. All the versus games were fantastic, all my siblings loved it. But we couldn't play Metroid or Zelda... sigh...
     After about two days, I went back to Scribblenauts. I didn't miss a thing. The game has limited appeal, and once you're done saying, "hey, I'm wearing a toad hat", you start saying, "*@#*!&%$ nunchuck!" like I did, or, " Meh...". It's a gimmick. It did the best it could, but you can't expect any more than a slow shake of the head and a slap in the face when you're done.


Scribblenauts Unlimited- No Limits or Stiff Boundaries?

     This is my little game of catch-up. I'm starting with the stuff I have in order to get to what I've recently gotten. So, onto the topic.
     Scribblenauts is, by far, the absolute most adorable yet utterly horrifying thing I've ever come to terms with. To give no restrictions to the human brain is ridiculous, however it didn't turn out that way. You have Maxwell, a little boy who has an enormous family with one sister more important than the rest. However, due to an unfortunate set of events, Maxwell's sister is petrified. In order to break her free, he must collect starites, basically stars obtained from doing exiting, yet occasionally drab, puzzles which require your magic notebook and your apparently endless possibilities.
     However, some of these puzzles just aren't creative. "Put out the fire", "feed the mouse", "give the girl a boyfriend", it doesn't necessarily spark creativity. You have missions that are more fun, like defending a town from bandits, or helping an alien translate, but mostly, I had more fun lounging in one location, releasing Medusa onto the people of St.Asterisks, or giving chocolate to a purple electric cockroach. It's sad to know that you have all the power in the world, but are restrained to getting a cat out of a tree with a ladder instead of a jet pack, or the neck of a dinosaur.
     In all, it was a wonderful experience(with an ending explaining why not to let your parents touch your stuff), but it had dry moments. I prefer freedom and puzzles, to goals and weakness, but this game gets a little too much credit. 

What This Is
     Nintendo Game Review does exactly what it says it's gonna' do. It informs you on what games to buy and/or trash. I most definitely am most loyal to Nintendo, as I believe Microsoft should stick to computers and Sony, though it makes decent profit, breaks everything it makes. I have a Wii U, a 3DS, and even though I can't hit on most things, I'll do what I can.