Friday, September 27, 2013

Lame Copies Confirmed!

     Ok, I'm all for SSB. Super Smash is by far the greatest Nintendo game on the face of the Earth, arguably one of the greatest video games of all time. However, when you play the three, you realize, er my gerd, THEY'RE ALL THE SAME. You think Cap.Falcon is cool and original. Bam, now there's Gannondorf. Psh, whaddya mean they're exactly the same?! Yeah right,(nervously backs away) not even remotely(now running). Link is awesome right, bam, Toon Link. Ness, bam, Lucas. Fox? Bam,Falco, bam, Wolf. Mewtwo, bam, Lucario. I find it terrifying, mainly because I don't want a faster knock-off Zelda, or a stronger not-Ice Climbers. I want originality, and if I don't get it in the next release, I might be a little more reluctant for the next one(which we all know there will be one, as Nintendo likes milking all the series they have access to).