Friday, August 16, 2013

The Dreaded 2

     When you make a video game, either people will love it and want a sequel, or hate it and you'll get no money. If I was a game designer, which is my most likely career choice into the future, then it would depend on the game. Just because a game is good doesn't mean it needs a sequel. Many video game series have died because the wonderful creators got replaced with people who didn't make new ideas, but recycled old ones till' they crumbled to dust.It's not doing games justice to do sequel after sequel after prequel. It's NOT RIGHT. Mario deserves a break. Link needs cool off. Put Kirby up front, or DK, because they need redemption more than Olimar does. I don't need Pikmin 3 more than Wonderful 101, or Mario and Luigi: Dream Team more than Theif. If a game has a sequel, and it improves the original, then fine, but there are so many Final Fantasies that I can't even begin to say how milked that series is. +1 if you think that we need some original ideas. 

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